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Machine Shop

Jet Fab has a very versatile machine lineup including CNC, Manual and Grinding equipment. This allows us to produce tight tolerance parts in a wide range of quantity and material types. Other equipment we employ in the machining process includes the following:

CNC Mills

• HAAS HRT210HS CNC Mill with a 4th Axis

• HAAS VF4 SS CNC Mill with a Renishaw Probe  20”x52”

• Fadal VMC-4020 CNC Mill 20”x40”

• HASS VF3 with Renishaw Probe CNC Mill 20” x 40”

• HASS VF6/50 Taper CNC Mill With Renishaw Probe 30”x60”

• HAAS GR 510 Router Gantry Mill 60’x120”


CNC Lathes

• Okuma LU-15 CNC lathe with a tooling capacity of 15 ½ (2) x 24

• Mori Seiki A120BMT CNC Lathe with a tooling capacity of 12” Ø x 18”BC


Manual Mills

• 2 Sharp LMV 50  Vertical Mills  With Digital Readout  9”x 48”

• 1 Sharp 60’ x 120” Vertical Mill with a Digital Readout


Horizontal Boring Mill

• Devlieg 3H-48 Jig Mill  48”36”x 16”


Manual Lathes

• Mori Seiki MH-2000 Engine Lathe With a tooling capacity of 24”Ø x 6’BC

• Mori Seiki MR-1500 Engine Lathe 20” Ø x 5’ BC

• LeBlonde Regal Engine Lathe 18” Ø x 45”BC

• Monarch EE engine Lathe 13 Ø x 20”BC


Vertical Turret Lathe

• Bullard 18222 Vertical Turret Lathe  32”x20’ Z  Axis


Precision Grinding

• Okamoto 12-24 DX Automatic Surface Grinder 

• Harig 6 x 12 Surface Grinder  

• Sunnen LBB-1499 Hone


Wire EDM

• Sodick AQ325L Wire EDM 13”x 8 ½” x 7.5


Heat Treating and Finishing

• 2 Huff Co 2304KT Heat Treat Furnaces

• Black Oxide Plating Line 60 in x 24 in

• Vibe Tech Vibratory Deburr

• Trinco Blast Cabinet


Drill Presses

• 2 Clausing Drill Presses



• HE&M H90A-C 12”W x 12”H Automatic Horizontal Saw

• HE&M H90A-B/F 12”W x 12”H Automatic Horizontal Saw

• HE&M V100LA-3 18”w x 18” H Automatic Vertical Saw

• Grobe HV-24 Vertical Saw

• KMT C350-057501 8’W x 6”H Cold Saw