Update on Jet Fab concerning COVID 19

        Deemed as an essential business, Jet Fab Inc. continues to remain open throughout the COVID 19 pandemic. Even as some mandates are lifted the companies top priority continues to be the safety of its employees and our community.    With new protocols in place that enable our employees to practice social distancing as well as providing a clean, sanitary, safe work environment Jet Fab will continue to work closely to updated government orders.

         We kindly ask that all vendors as well as visitors please call ahead and schedule a meeting prior to arrival at our facility to reduce virus exposure risks and protect our employees.

     As more states transition to reopening, Jet Fab will continue to put employee safety and government compliance first. The company is committed to constantly monitoring the COVID 19 situation across the state of Tennessee as well as the Country and will update its approach as necessary to safeguard its workforce while meeting customer demand. Thank you for your cooperation in these trying times.